mother of pearl adult magnetic bib and clothing protector

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The adult bib and clothing protector is adorned with fun patterns to accessorize and make mealtime fun and joyful. Adult clothing protectors help adults feel confident and look their best. These are designed for adults with disabilities and seniors, preventing food stains and spills for those with limited mobility. Easy magnetic closures make it simple for people to fasten the bibs with one hand quickly. The magnetic front closure opens wide at the neck to easily slip overhead, which eliminates the need for aid or assistance. Magnets secure at the chest for maximum front clothing coverage from neck to waist. Soft covered elastic at the neck stretches to adjust to all sizes. The adult bib and clothing protectors are machine washable and easy to wipe down with a wet cloth in between washes. Polyester clothing protectors are soft, breathable, and have a water-resistant backing. Large surface area keeps clothes clean and protects clothing during mealtime.

  • made of 100% polyester with a soft, breathable, and water-resistant polyurethane coating.
  • SewSafe™ magnetic closures strategically placed at the neck for easy on and off.
  • soft, covered elastic neckband stretches to adjust to all sizes
  • measurements: 25 ¾" L x 20 ½" W
  • easy care, machine wash or wipe down with a wet cloth in between meals.
  • good for those with arthritis, ALS, alzheimer’s, assisted living, cerebral palsy, disabled, handicap, home care, multiple sclerosis, nursing home, paralysis, post operation, stroke, delicate skin, parkinson's
new to Simply Magnetic Me?
“tight fit” is a safety regulation that we are required to comply with for garments over 9 months in size. the government specifies maximum measurements for each size.

please see our size chart and verify your baby’s weight to be sure to select the size that will best fit your baby and consider sizing up. complying with “tight fit” allows us to avoid putting harmful flame retardants on our fabrics.





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Easy care instructions.
Close magnetic fasteners before wash and dry to avoid damage. Machine wash cold with like colors. Dry with full load of laundry on low. Dry laundry for 30 minutes maximum. Air dry for 30 min if garment is still damp. No commercial dryers. No Bleach. Do not iron. 

For more information, please refer to garment tag. Failure to follow care instructions may invalidate warranty and damage garment.

Product & Safety

Does exposure to magnets or magnetic fields cause people harm?

No, according to the World Health Organization, exposure to static magnets has not been proven to have harmful (or positive) effects on people.

Are your clothes and magnets safety tested?

Yes. Our products go through a very thorough testing process, are independently safety tested by a consumer products safety testing bureau, and comply with all applicable children's product safety rules.

Is it possible that your magnets could fall out and pose a safety threat to my child?

We created an innovative, patented technology called SewSafe™ construction, where the magnets are sealed in a pouch, stitched into the product multiple times, and hidden between the layers of fabric—so that they are inaccessible to babies, toddlers, and children. It would take serious tampering to remove them. Periodically inspect seams and fabric near magnetic fasteners. If tears, rips, or loose stitching are found, contact us here.

Do Simply Magnetic Me products contain lead?

No—our products have been thoroughly tested and all of them meet lead safety standards.

Do your products contain any phthalates?

We do not have any phthalates in our products. Simply Magnetic Me products have been thoroughly tested and all of our products meet phthalate safety standards.

What about pacemakers? I heard magnets can interfere with them.

Our magnets are not strong enough to affect pacemakers. In fact, Magnetic Me is used in Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Units all around the country. If you do have a pacemaker, please consult with your physician first before use. 

Does Simply Magnetic Me follow the children’s sleepwear flammability standards?

The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) mandates that children’s sleepwear sizes 9 months and up to 6X is either tight-fitting or treated with flame retardants. Simply Magnetic Me follows the tight-fitting mandate so as not to use chemicals on our fabrics. This means that the fit on our larger sizes will be more snug than the fit on smaller sizes. 

Will magnetic closures save me time?

Absolutely! Our magnetic fasteners practically close themselves. They're faster than snaps and zippers, and you'll be dressed in seconds.

Are your magnets considered health magnets?

​​Unfortunately, static magnets have been sold to consumers as therapeutic remedies since the dawn of time, but it has proved to be a junk pseudo-science. For more information, check out this article Magnets Provide Amusement, But Not Health Benefits and this article from PubMed.