Awards & Recognition

A Few Kind Words Over the Years

Thank you for the terrific clothes you so thoughtfully sent to Charlotte and Aidan. There’s no greater joy for Marc and me than to watch them grow, and we couldn’t be more touched that you thought of us during this special moment.

All my best wishes.

Chelsea Clinton

Thank you so much for the magnificent clothes. We are huge fans of what you make—and our son does not know how lucky he is when he is changed in the wee hours…


Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

Thank you so very much for your incredibly generous package! I absolutely LOVE magnificent baby, Kenzie wears it every night! I am such a huge fan! You guys rock! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you! 

<3 Always,
Beverly Mitchel

Dear Lauren + Magnificent Baby Team! Thank you so very much for the adorable Poppy clothing for baby Poppy! We adore the magnificent baby clothes for easy changing in the middle of the night – and frankly all day! We so appreciate you thinking of us during this amazingly special time!

Jenna, Mila, Henry + Poppy (too!)

Lauren – Thanks so much for the thoughtful gifts! They are very much appreciated! Thanks for thinking of me & Bryn!


This is my son, Bradley, sporting his magnificent baby wear!

My son was born on March 8, 2014, 14 weeks early. (His due date was June 11th). After a 98 day stay in the NICU, he came home on June 14th. He is at home on oxygen, so he always has a cannula and an oxygen monitor on him. At night, he is also hooked up to an apnea / heart rate machine, so it’s more wires. Magnificent baby clothes have made nighttime diaper changes and “newborn” visits to the doctor much easier. Plus, he looks super cute in them!

Jessica Ginn

Surprised by Five!

“It’s hard to believe the first time I got to dress my babies was weeks after their birth. I was dying to feel like a real mum and do all the exciting things one does after delivery. I remember asking the nurses day after day if I could dress them, It was heartbreaking having to always ask if I was allowed to do something with my own children. I was always so afraid they would break because they were so tiny. They quintuplets started off weighing around 1.2 kilos and now at almost a year old, the heaviest is 12 kilos! We loved the little magnetic baby growers we received from Magnificent Baby. The tiny premature range was great, I couldn’t find anything remotely small enough that would fit them in store, the fact it was magnetic made it so much easier to get them dressed quickly. We would recommend anyone looking for clothing for their premature baby to check out their clothing.

Your sleepers with the magnets are amazing.

I am a NICU nurse and we had been donated some of your sleepers. I just used one for the first time today and it’s spectacular. The cords that the babies are hooked up to go through the magnetic snaps so easily. I am in love with them.

Krysta Gray, RN

My wife and I got a set of your “smart close” pajamas as a gift from our best friend when our twins were born.

In the middle of the night when we are changing one of their diapers and trying to avoid waking the other, your pjs are an absolute lifesaver! We have bought your pjs for 3 other expecting couples! Spreading the smart close love! We just wanted to thank you for your innovative and great looking product! We love you guys!

The Laskys

I LOVE your brand!

So easy to use and innovative, and the prints are uniquely adorable! I will definitely be adding your products to my baby registry when the time comes! I wish all families knew about your amazing products! Keep up the good work!

Jackie, Chicago

For my new and soon to be mama friends

these clothes are a lifesaver! Magnetic Me makes magnetic clothes. They have been a must have for us! We especially love them for doctor’s appointments when you have to get their clothes off and on quickly. ❥

Putting clothes on a newly mobile baby is kind of a joke sometimes.

Thank you for limiting the time I have to hold him down…Magnetic closures – genius!

Bump Club and Beyond VIP

This brand literally saves my life at night…

and to everyone always asking, NO the dryer doesn’t effect the magnets!

-Danielle Caveness

Magnetic baby clothing is genius!

It’s so much easier than buttoning and zipping my baby.


Lucy LOVES her Magnificent Baby footies…

and I must say, Mom and Dad do too ?