quad pay FAQ

What is QuadPay?
QuadPay’s payment platform gives shoppers the choice to pay for their purchases via 4 simple installments. It is a platform built for shoppers, so you can buy now, but pay over time and avoid repayments.

What does it cost to use QuadPay?
If a customer pays on time, there is never a cost to using QuadPay.

Who can use QuadPay?
In order to have an account, you must:
Live in the U.S.
Be at least 18 years old
Have a valid and verifiable mobile number
Use a U.S. credit or debit card to make a purchase

Are there late fees?
We only charge a $7 fee on a late payment that’s overdue. We reserve the right to charge a further $7 fee, if the customer remains late 7 days after the original payment due. $14 is the maximum a customer will ever be charged for an individual order.

How can you contact QuadPay?
If a customer has an issue with their payment, please contact: support@quadpay.com

You can also check on their order by logging into their account at: https://customer.quadpay.com/

Or, you can learn more about by reading their FAQ page: https://www.quadpay.com/help/

For help with checkout, read here: https://help.quadpay.com/hc/en-us  Please note: QuadPay is unable to help customers with issues related to delivery, returns, refunds, and cancellations.

Is there a hard credit check?
No. They'll never performs a hard credit check on a customer and there is no impact on a customer’s credit rating.

How do refunds to the customer work?
As soon as Magnetic Me approves and processes a refund for a customer that has checked out with QuadPay, the refund is immediately processed.

If the refund is in full, the customer will have any funds paid to-date refunded immediately to their card and all future installments will be cancelled. If the refund is partial, the refund amount will be applied to the total purchase amount, starting with the last installment.

For example, if a purchase was for $100 (4 x $25 installments) and a partial refund of $25 was issued by the merchant, QuadPay would cancel the 4th installment. If a refund of $50 was applied, they would cancel the 4th and 3rd installments.

Why has a credit card been charged multiple times?
This is typically because the wrong zip code has been entered. When this occurs, the customer’s bank may hold the funds as pending temporarily. Importantly, in this instance, the customer hasn’t been charged and this will be reversed shortly.

If the issue persists, please have the customer contact their bank in the first instance and if they confirm a charge has been made, please contact support@quadpay.com.

What information does QuadPay need?
For initial sign up we only need your date of birth, mobile number, and either a debit or credit card. After that we only need you to enter your mobile number to make a purchase through QuadPay. Checkout is completely secure.