Sustainable Fabrics: A Spotlight on Organic Cotton

An eco-conscious alternative that prioritizes the health of the planet and its people.

We believe we can all make a difference in making this planet better. For us, that starts with carefully considering and sourcing only the finest fabrics with exceptional quality.


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When you see this icon on our site, you can feel comfortable knowing that our product is made of certified organic cotton. Using organic cotton means cleaner and lower water usage, lower pesticide use, healthier soil, and a safer working environment for cotton farmers, compared to conventional cotton production.

At Magnetic Me, we take things a step further to ensure our organic cotton stands up to the test with a GOTS certification, which is the very best, safest textile processing standard in the world.

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What does GOTS-certified organic mean? 

Products carrying GOTS logos contain the credible assurance of organic origin of the product, as well as environmentally and socially responsible processing.



GOTS standards require that cotton is at least 95% organic, woven with fibers that are grown the natural way without the use of pesticides, herbicides, harsh chemicals or GMOs.

Cotton Farms:

Organic agriculture practices a safe production process that sustains the health of ecosystems, soils, and people.

Production Process:

Very stringent criteria is used for pre-treatment, dyes, and oils. They must be biodegradable & free of harsh chemicals. Ammonia treatment, allergenic dyes, carcinogenic and suspected carcinogenic colorants, as well as dyes containing heavy metal are strictly prohibited.

Social Responsibility:

On top of materials being free of toxicity and maintaining the highest sustainable standards, GOTS cares about people, too. Facilities must maintain fair labor practices at all times—hygienic working conditions, fair wages, no discrimination, child labor or excessive hours.