Our Sustainability Promise

we believe making good decisions for your baby means making good decisions for your planet. that’s why we’re making an effort to ensure that we are as low impact as possible, from start to finish. becoming sustainable is an ongoing goal for magnetic me and we will always strive to improve our product and process.

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organic cotton

when you see this icon on our site, you can feel comfortable knowing that our product is made of certified organic cotton. using organic cotton means cleaner and lower water usage, lower pesticide use, healthier soil, and a safer working environment for cotton farmers, compared to conventional cotton production.

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tencel modal - magnetic me


we use TENCEL™ modal because it's unbelievably soft and sustainably made (more on that in a bit). and, we aren't the only ones who are obsessed—it's no surprise that it is our best selling fabric. TENCEL™ modal is a silky smooth biodegradable fabric that's lightweight, temperature-regulating, and resistant to fading and pilling.

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to reduce our impact on the earth, we use hangtags made from recycled paper, 100% bio-degradable polybags, and mailers that are reusable (compostable coming soon!)




our sustainable marketplace where pre-loved magnetic me pieces are bought, sold, and ready for their next chapter—gently worn and upcycled for the next person, eager to stay out of landfills, and proud to help lower their impact on the earth.

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