magnetic me in the news - recent press about our baby clothes

We’re on a mission to help parents everywhere learn about the absolute easiest way to dress a baby – and we’re grateful for the great press we’ve earned along the way.

Our unique magnetic closure system and cute, modern designs have made the baby clothes of Magnetic Me stand out among the sea of options. We’ve been featured by baby bloggers, major media outlets, and splashed across popular social media channels like Instagram.

Here are some highlights of our more recent rave reviews, as well as a special mention of how Magnetic Me baby clothes are helping premature babies in Holland Hospital.

Millenial Moms and Magnetic Baby Clothes are a Perfect Match

Magnetic Me baby clothes were featured for their appeal to busy moms of the Millennial generation in an article featured in the Sourcing Journal. Discussing the multi-tasking and high-energy lifestyle of many millennial moms, the article shared a quote from a children’s boutique manager Kelsey Gillenwater Bolling, who said:

“Moms in this day and age want their babies to be fashionable and stylish, but also want to make sure they are efficient with their time since every minute counts. That’s why we carry a brand called Magnificent Baby – the closers are magnets.”

Ms. Gillenwater Bolling went on to say that the quick and easy outfit changes made possible by Magnetic Me baby clothes make them a favorite choice for dads, too.

We’ve designed our magnetic closure clothes to be easy for dads, moms, millennials, grandparents – and everyone else who may be a part of your baby’s life.

Baby Sleepers are a Best Bet - Especially When They're Magnetic

Many new parents fill dressers and closets with the cutest clothes and the sweetest outfits, only to realize that onesies and footies are your baby’s favorite clothing – and your go-to items.

Baby and lifestyle-blogger Nat shares her new game plan when preparing for the birth of her second child: “With baby boy coming soon, I’ve made sure to stock up on some of the coziest and cutest footies since I know that’s what he’ll be spending most of his time in.”

Among her top picks are the fun and functional footies from Magnetic Me. Check out the cute choices – like our Herringbone pattern – and make room for these practical and easy one-piece outfits in your baby’s wardrobe.

A Grant Brings Unique Magnetic Baby Clothes to the Holland Hospital NICU

For prematurely born babies, many aspects of life can be a struggle at first. There are potential health complications, extended hospital stays, and stress for the parents and infant.

At Holland Hospital, another issue was perplexing staff of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). How could premature babies get the maximum skin-to-skin contact with their mothers, despite their health concerns and the apparatus required for their care?

The answer came with a grant funded by the hospital’s “Lights of Love” campaign. The money was made available for the hospital to buy 200 magnetic-fastening gowns from Magnetic Me.

These special gowns feature easy-to-fasten magnets in place of more cumbersome snaps, buttons, or zippers. This design proves especially useful for babies with monitors and other medical equipment that may need to be checked or changed regularly. And since many premature babies are susceptible to low body temperatures, the quick-and-easy change of the Magnetic Me gowns means less time with exposed skin during changings.

Even more importantly, it gave parents of these itty-bitty bundles of joy the ability to snuggle and cuddle their newborn baby much easier without having to worry about cumbersome clothing.

We’re the absolute easiest way to dress a baby – and we’re proud to offer a product that will make life a little easier for babies, parents, and caretakers in the Holland Hospital NICU.

Catch the Buzz - Try Magnetic Me for Your Baby

You’ve read the press and seen the product, so try Magnetic Me baby clothing for your own little one – or share it with a friend.

You’ll see why everyone loves magnetic baby clothes and how much easier life can be when you find the absolute easiest way to dress a baby!